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Re: Holster Review Resource

Postby Tacomaman » Wed Nov 25, 2015 10:46 pm

My current holster for my carry gun comes from WBC Wild Bill's Concealment Holsters. It is the Covert Carry Tuckable leather holster. It has a sturdy talon style belt clip. They custom mold to the specific gun, in my case a CZ 75 PCR Compact 9mm. I bought an 1 ½" double thick gun belt to go with the holster.

The covert carry tuckable is designed for IWB carry from the 1:00 or 4:00 o'clock(just the opposite if you are a lefty). I am tall and lean and wear mine behind my right hip at 4:00 o'clock. The belt clip locks the holster to the gun belt. I find it to be easy on and off and very comfortable.

Czech out the link below. Heads up to the guy's at the CZ Custom Shop for there recommendation.


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Re: Holster Review Resource

Postby Rutty » Mon Dec 07, 2015 11:01 pm


I will try to make this short and sweet. I ran across this company a week or so ago and reached out to them about a solution that I could have 1 holster for 4 guns and would also be good for OC and CC. After I emailed them I got an email within an hour or so answering all my questions, and suggesting I go with the "regular" holster size. So I did. They emailed me shortly after ordering and said thank you.

3 days later the holster came in the mail. Padded manilla envelope with another "thank you for your business" hand written on the back. Pulled out the case and it was very nice. Great verse on the box and holster looks very good.

I took out the holster and assembled the "crew" and started trying them out. To my amazement everything from my S&W 642 to my 5" XD tactical pistol all fit snugly and well guarded. I have tried it IWB and OWB and the clips are super stiff. Very good retention.

While to this point I really like the holster and can see this as my EDC holster for multiple platforms I only have 1 negative about it. Drawing the smaller guns is a bit awkward as the safety guard sticks up a bit. I think with some practice however I will be able to overcome this.

I have a drawer of holsters that have been worn once or twice and a few more that I have used quite a bit but the versatility of this holster is 2nd to none.

It is new to me so I will update down the road after the breakin period. I'll also get some pics up here tomorrow when I have some light. Edit: I decided not to post pictures as they have to have a URL and I am not quite comfortable with my pics floating around on the web url hosts.
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Kangaroo Carry Holster. Re: Holster Review Resource

Postby drjoker » Sat Dec 26, 2015 12:26 am

The Kangaroo Carry Holster costs; $50 + S&H + Sales Tax + optional extenders = $70. Since it is an expensive holster, I will be extra picky about quality. I actually hand stitched my own version a year ago and my homemade version wore out. My S&W J frame fell out of my homemade holster, luckily, at home. So, I went and bought a professionally, American made genuine Kangaroo Carry Holster.

The shoulder straps are 1000 times stronger than my flimsy homemade one. I ordered the "Standard 3" but they accidentally sent me the "Air Marchal 3", but I'm keeping it because upon further inspection, the Air Marshall 3 is actually better. It has a wider band, allowing carry of bigger guns and it has more storage pockets. It is very sturdy and comfortable. Plus, it allows you to draw one handed and fire while you are driving with the other hand. The seat belt doesn't get in the way like strong side belt holster would get in the way.

The only negative that I can find is that you cannot partake of an all you can eat buffet while wearing one as it will compress your stomach and make you eat less. I guess even the negative is a positive if you're trying to lose weight. The holster compresses the lower end of your stomach to make you eat less much like a lap band.

The holster is better than the 5.11 T-shirt holster because you'd either have to buy lots of expensive T-shirt holsters or launder and dry the same T-shirt everyday. With the Kangaroo Carry, you just wear a different T-shirt every day under your holster to keep the holster clean so you don't have to wash the holster every day.

As long as you don't eat at all you can eat buffets often and keep the top 2 buttons of your shirt unbuttoned, the Kangaroo Carry Holster is perfect for deep concealment without having to carry a smaller gun. It will disappear a Glock 26 or S&W J-Frame. The but of the gun will print a little for a Glock 19 sized gun. I've altered a few of my shirts to have a false button with velcro behind it so I can easily draw one handed even with my shirt buttoned all the way up to the collar.

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Re: Holster Review Resource

Postby KC80 » Sun Jan 17, 2016 9:46 am

For a long time I have used Galco's Summer comfort IWB holster with my M&P 9c with great success. Fit is perfect, good leather, great finish. So when I got my Glock 43 it only made sense to go with the same holster. Well, not so much. Mine will be returned for a refund and on to something else. I ordered it from Midway USA and it showed to be for Glock43/XDs 3.3 and that kinda worried me. Sure enough, the holster is actually for the XDs 3.3 but the G43 will fit. The square trigger guard keeps the gun from fully seating and there is about a 1/4" of leather hanging over the end unlike my M&P which is flush almost. I guess instead of making a G43 specific holster they figured the XDs was close enough. Well it's not close enough for me, and I think its a very poor excuse for quality from a company like Galco especially since we are talking $60 for it. So if your looking for a leather IWB for your G43 look elsewhere of the Galco summer comfort. I have now ordered a all Kydex IWB from a company called B3 concealment out of Carrollton Tx. His stuff looks really good on his FB page. Prices are a tad high but turnaround is less than a week usually and lifetime guarantee. I will also be ordering a OWB from him for my 1911 Commander in the future. Thanks and be safe out there!

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Re: Holster Review Resource

Postby KC80 » Wed Jan 20, 2016 7:57 pm

I recieved by B3 Concealment IWB kydex holster today for my G43 and I am loving it. Smooth edges, rubber grommets, great clip, adjustable for cant. I almost don't know it's there it's so slim. The grey looks lighter in the pic due to flash but it's quite a bit darker. Super fast shipping, and really great work. Check them out for your next kydex job. Image

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Re: Holster Review Resource

Postby remanifest » Fri Jan 06, 2017 10:58 pm

I just received a Stealthgear Onyx IWB holster for my XD Mod 2. This holster is the best I've had (granted, I've only had the AlienGear Cloak Tuck 3.0 and a NeoCarry). This holster is far more comfortable than the Alien Gear, has better retention, is very slim, and best of all, the angled sights on my XD don't poke me when it's holstered.

It's extremely comfortable, far more concealable, conforms well to my body, and seems to breathe very well. It's made to fit the XD perfectly - no bigger than it needs to be to get the job done.

Couldn't be happier - it was a steal at $65 shipped. I don't think I'll be buying another brand of IWB holster as long as these are made.
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