KHOU - Failed robbery attempt in McDonald's drive-thru

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Re: KHOU - Failed robbery attempt in McDonald's drive-thru

Postby chasfm11 » Sat Dec 16, 2017 7:31 am

philip964 wrote:I'm seeing this with and the vote to make bullet proof glass barriers illegal, a change in the thinking about robbery.

I see that in the future there will be a push to make defending yourself illegal. Probably won't start in Texas, but back East or in California. We are depriving these documented and undocumented patriots with their livelihood without due process. Armed citizens are becoming the judge, jury and executioner.

These changes start small, but grow in the minds of parts of our society and reinforced by liberal segments to become mainstream thinking. Look how quickly we are accepting men competing in women's weightlifting completions.

:iagree: If you follow what is happening in the UK, the defender seems to be the one charged, not the criminal, especially in robberies. I've listened to tapes of the family members wailing about a deceased robber not "deserving" to be shot for putting someone else's life in jeopardy.

The conspiracy theory part of me believes that this narrative is pushed as a replacement for our natural rights. As long as people believe in the words in the Declaration of Independence, the government cannot control us to the extent that it wants to - exactly like it does in the UK. The illegal immigrant part of this is just that - a part.
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