Pulled over - no ticket

Most CHL/LEO contacts are positive, how about yours? Bloopers are fun, but no names please, if it will cause a LEO problems!

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Pulled over - no ticket

Postby TVGuy » Thu Jul 20, 2017 9:20 am

I was pulled over yesterday and had close to the same results as my last couple of occurrences.

I was looking at homes in a town in Tarrant County mid-day, several of my co-workers live in that area and suggested it. I'm completely unfamiliar with the area I was in and while peeking at my map lost track of my speed. I neither intended to, nor was I aware, that I was going 43 in a 30. This street seemed to be in the middle of nowhere and there wasn't any other traffic.

A few seconds later I notice a patrol car and then the red and blue lights. Pull over with my DL, LTC, and insurance in my left hand and both on the wheel.

He walks up, states he clocked me at 13 over in a 30 and asked for the usual materials. I handed them over and apologized. I mentioned that I was looking at homes, unfamiliar with the area, and didn't intend to speed. He saw the CHL, and asked if I was carrying. I responded, "Yes, Sir. It's in my console because work is a 30.06 and I'm on my lunch break."

He replied, "Thank you for carrying, we will forget about the speed. Just be careful with it. This is a great place to live, by the way." Didn't even return to his car to run my info. Handed my items back and after I thanked him for his service to the community, we were both on our way.

Great stop as always! This was the first time the officer ever said the reason he was not ticketing me was the LTC and that I was carrying.

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Re: Pulled over - no ticket

Postby sbrawley » Sat Jul 22, 2017 9:57 am

It seems most LEO's like CHL/LTC holders.
I started training for Lubbock County, and the first day, our instructor, who is a deputy, asked the class (of 7 people) who all has their LTC's. About 3 or 4 of us raised our hands, and he told us thanks for carrying and recommended the rest of the class to get theirs. He also said that this class had the most holders so far.

I haven't had any encounters with LEO's where I had to present my license, but from I've heard from other people, most have been very positive.
Excellent job on your positive encounter! :tiphat:
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