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For-Sale Posts/Threads

Postby Charles L. Cotton » Sun Apr 24, 2016 5:50 pm

It has come to the Moderators' attention and a few of our Members are using the Forum primarily to post items for sale. As Rule 13 notes, "[The Market Section] was created as a courtesy to, and for the convenience of, our members, not as an open forum for marketing. While reaching 45 posts is a minimum participation requirement, it is not the one and only factor we will consider in evaluating the percentage of for-sale posts made by a Member.

Please don't abuse the opportunity to post items for sale. If, in the opinion of the Moderators, a Member is using the Forum primarily to sell items, then that Member will be prevented from posting in the Market sections. This is not something that a single Moderator will do; it will require input from all and a majority vote. So if you find yourself in that elite group, it will have been a group decision.


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