Rock River Arms 458 SOCOM AR for sale

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Rock River Arms 458 SOCOM AR for sale

Postby mrvmax » Fri Jan 19, 2018 6:01 pm

I have a Rock River Arms LAR-458 X-1 series AR in 458 SOCOM for sale with a Burris MTAC 1.5-6 power scope and P.E.P.R. mount. It has a great trigger from the factory so there was no need to use aftermarket. I have had this a couple of years and have fired about 200 rounds through it (at the most, I do not track but I am estimating). There are some scratches on the rifle and scope from using it hunting but it has been carried more than it has been fired. The rifle comes in the original RRA plastic case and comes with the two Magpul mags in the pictures. I will also throw in a little over 250 pieces of used brass and 28 pieces of brand new brass, two hundred 300 grain round nose bullets, a new box of Nosler 300 ballistic tip bullets Redding dies and Lee FCD. If you are not a local buyer you will have to pay the cost to ship the bullets and dies. If you are a local buyer I will throw in some loaded ammo (I will not ship loaded ammo), I will have to see exactly how much I have but it will be between 20 and 50 rounds. I am asking $1600 cash for everything - PM if interested ($1660 on credit card) . I may be able to scrounge up some more brass, I have to dig through my stash and see what I can find. This rifle shoots great but since I took a feral hog with it last year it just sits in the safe (It dropped it with one round to the body).
You can see the specs here: ... 2C.cfusion

Pics are here (it was hard to get good pics, any discoloration is due to the rifle being oily or dry): ... 916063447/

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