IGMAN 5.56 M193 55GR FMJ

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IGMAN 5.56 M193 55GR FMJ


Post by LSUTiger »

IGMAN 5.56 M193 55GR FMJ.
Anyone have any experience with this ammo?

I’ve read mostly good things about it but some bad reviews, some old, some more recent reviews.

It’s .45 cents/round and still in stock. Makes me wonder why?
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Re: IGMAN 5.56 M193 55GR FMJ


Post by Mike S »

I've never used Igman ammo, but wouldn't balk at it at that price. From what I've read, it's non-corrosive & reloadable brass.

Regarding the price on 2A Warehouse's website they may have had it way overpriced for current market demand & may be dropping it to offloaded inventory that's been sitting idle. That's just my guess. SGAmmo has been reducing some prices to move inventory, & I'm wondering if retailers are taking a slight loss between what they paid & what it's selling for now.
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