K Frame N frame and J frame

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Re: K Frame N frame and J frame

Postby joe817 » Tue Mar 14, 2017 7:38 pm

Lena wrote:Well what about my 4 & 5 screw "S" Frame models?
Then the round and square butt versions of some, they all need to be added for the list to be more complete

Gaaaaaaaaa!!! :willynilly:
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Re: K Frame N frame and J frame

Postby Lena » Tue Mar 14, 2017 9:18 pm

Not messing at all I have 3 S frames pre 1956. my 44 mag is 08X sn, 12/55 production after 56 they assigned model numbers, it is the original black blue finish in wood box with black velvet, same for the 5" Registered Magnum pop the side plates off and the insides are all jeweled. The newest Smith I own is a -2. The issued to my 2-1/2" 66 is not even a -1 just M66, by a very kind Capt I was given that pistol with my name engraved on it, I still have it. My M60 is not even a -1 and has the old sn# diamond grips. The Jenks letters used to be $25 I have them on all the 4 & 5 screw models.

My 1955 5 screw 44 spl which was sent to Smith custom shop for a full restore to as new click on pic to enlarge, note holster wear.
Some called this a M24 some a 1950 target, it is an S frame early one. The right picture shows the additional screw in the top of side plate the other in the front of the trigger guard, there is a huge difference in the actions of these S frames.
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