Shoulder Surgery Questions

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Re: Shoulder Surgery Questions

Postby powerboatr » Thu Jul 13, 2017 9:50 pm

i had my rh rotator cuff done the 30th of march this year.
i am now 15 weeks out of surgery
they started weight training two weeks ago, arms feel like noodles now, but getting stronger every day
before my arm would scream me awake in the night, driving it had to hang down and range time got very limited
i was off pain meds by week two post op, they prescribed me a cool jet machine that i used at night, its a little cooler with a pump and a patch that snugs up around your shoulder, it pumps 42 45 degree water through the patch....takes all the pain away
they did steroid injection and then two weeks of pre operation therapy.
let me say I am a new man, now it only hurts from working out. i have therapy three days a week that started may 15th and will continue through end of july
if you do have it.....follow the orders ad no lifting or use of the arm until they clear you to...period.
Double check your doctors before you go. get second or third opinions and be ready if your on medicare to have therapy cut short.
i am in east texas and used East texas medical center pain management specialist
i will send the docs name if you pm me
he and his team are fantastic.
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Re: Shoulder Surgery Questions

Postby SIGFan43 » Fri Jul 14, 2017 6:34 am

The orthopedic surgeon I'm seeing in two weeks specializes in sports injuries and shoulders are his favorite thing. He also treated me ten years ago for a torn medial miniscus in my right knee after I fell. He wanted to clean out the torn pieces through laproscopy, but I declined that. After 3 steroid injections over two years, I'm still leery of kneeling on a hard floor, but no pain at all now. I do have arthritis in my leg and arm joints, so there's that. I walk for exercise about 3 miles a day, spreading it out in 20 minute sessions. When my right shoulder hurts, I can feel a small bump in the outside edge of the top of my bicep. That bump is sore when I lift something above face level, like putting dishes on a kitchen cabinet shelf. It does not hurt when I shoot my 9mm pistols, but does hurt a very little bit when I remove my gun from my Kydex holster. I'm hoping that I can delay surgery and try acupuncture, but I will take the surgeon's advice if he thinks I need to do it now instead of waiting. Thanks for all the info and advice, guys!

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