Looking for programming help for texas3006.com (PHP/MySQL)

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Looking for programming help for texas3006.com (PHP/MySQL)

Postby Russell » Sun Apr 24, 2011 10:15 pm

I have come to sort of a crossroads. I have a large "todo" list for Texas3006.com, but with the new job and other life requirements, my ability to invest time into wittling down this todo list is non-existent. As a result, I need help!

If you are a PHP and MySQL guru, an active senior member of this community, and find yourself with time to program but nothing to work on, please give me a shout!

Some of the things on my todo list for the site are:

- Redo "View/Search" page to make it quicker to find entries
- Paged comments
- Add more cities to watch list
- Add Zip Code search capability
- Add prompt for image of sign when submitting an entry

The site's code is kept in an SVN repository, so knowledge of SVN, how to use it, and good code and SVN commit commenting is a requirement :mrgreen:. I can also offer a development account and database on the production server to do code testing on if needed. A simple confidentiality agreement will also need to be signed.

Also while this is not a paying position, I'll split any site donations 50/50 :thumbs2:
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