Gun Control vs Other weapons

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Gun Control vs Other weapons

Postby tommyg » Tue Oct 03, 2017 6:19 pm

For five years I worked in a reformatory for violent youth.
The staff learned quickly that almost anything can be used as a weapon.
A street thug has unlimited access to objects that can be weaponized

Think about this for a little while would you be better off if a thug
pointed a gun at you took your valuables and ran away

something that can be used as a weapon may have an innocent appearance

If the innocent looking object is used in a crime the criminal may be more apt use it to inflict
severe bodily harm on the victim since the victim will not recognize the danger. This way the victim
gets hurt or killed in addition to being robbed

canned goods ( like dog food or a can of Chile )in a bag are heavy and can do serious bodily harm

More gun laws will only make the situation worse more victims get hurt. Victims are more defenseless that ever :leaving
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