Houston shooting at Westheimer and Kirkwood ("Road Rage")

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Houston shooting at Westheimer and Kirkwood ("Road Rage")

Postby Doug.38PR » Thu Dec 07, 2017 10:52 am

Channel 13 ABC is headlining it as "Road Rage" (with a gun. Every anti-gunner's dream come true). The article doesn't indicate what started the shooting or who was at fault, just that there was a minor finder bender, indications somebody was acting up at some point but it ended up as a gun fight.

I'm sure you've heard a million times over the years from leftists afraid of people with guns: "If we let people have guns, there will be shooting all over the streets from road rage" or "It just scares me to death thinking about how many people around me on the streets have a gun in their car."

Last time I was in an accident many years ago, I didn't need to "just call the police", it was a minor deal, we exchanged info and that was it. It didn't turn into a gunfight.

Incidents like this happen once in a blue moon and are rare and this is actually a testament to how we can be trusted as free men in a free society and don't need to be baby monitored.

We still don't exactly know what happened exactly. One of these guys could have been a drug dealer or addict and went crazy on another guy and the other guy was defending himself.

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Re: Houston shooting at Westheimer and Kirkwood ("Road Rage")

Postby RoyGBiv » Thu Dec 07, 2017 11:40 am

I am not a lawyer. This is NOT legal advice.!
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