What exactly did Trump Jr. do wrong?

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Re: What exactly did Trump Jr. do wrong?

Postby Soccerdad1995 » Mon Jul 17, 2017 4:06 pm

The left believes that it was wrong for someone to leak damaging communications that a candidate / campaign intended to be private. Except when Access Hollywood leaked "hot mike" recordings, that was totally fine.

The left believes that no one should "meddle" in a U.S. election. Except when CNN rigged their "debate", that was okey dokey.

The left believes that someone in charge of the FBI should never interfere with an investigation. Except when AG Lynch met with Billy Bob Clinton days before Comey made his decision not to recommend an indictment, and when she coordinated with Hillary's campaign on terminology for the investigation, or rather, the "matter".

The left believes that they can continue to deceive the American public by spewing lies and hatred. Except they are wrong.
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