Good Summer Sausage?

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Re: Good Summer Sausage?

Postby Take Down Sicko » Sat Jan 13, 2018 10:12 pm

puma guy wrote:
Take Down Sicko wrote:I stopped by Krogers today after a hair cut to buy the krogers private select beef summer sausage and some deli cheese. Will try it tonight and see how i like it. It only cost 5.00 for a 14oz roll.

I hope you enjoy it! I am usually loathe to recommend food/restaurants etc. to folks. Invariably they say something happens that disappoints them.

Yay! The summer sausage i bought was very good indeed. Had it with cheese and between me and the kids theres not much left of it. Next i'll try the one with garlic i saw there. Thanks for the recommendation Puma Guy.

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Re: Good Summer Sausage?

Postby anygunanywhere » Sat Jan 13, 2018 10:16 pm

puma guy wrote:Gonna have High Hill Wieners for lunch tomorrow. We're looking for a big spike that's at least a couple years old that showed up on the cameras. Most of the larger does look like they've been bred and we don't want to take a yearling doe. Hope you're successful with your hunt. BTW what county do you hunt? This weekend and Monday AM are the last times we can get up to the lease (Comal County). Hope we'll be stopping by Willie Joe's, but we'll honk when we pass if we don't.

Our place is in Edwards County off TX 41.

I’d like to get more meat. Hopefully a spike offers himself up. We’ve had a few Axis on the cams too but they haven’t showed up when I’ve been hunting.
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