College Engineering Student needing a job

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College Engineering Student needing a job

Postby Isimanica » Fri May 08, 2009 7:51 pm

I just got terminated/laid off after a month and a half. Seems I was not what he was wanting so he canned me this afternoon. Gave me my last pay check and a box for my engineering books that I had bought to help me out with this job. :cryin So as of right now I am in need of a job. With the understanding that during the Fall and Spring semesters I will be taking 9-15 hours worth of classes at University of Houston. I will have my Associates Degree in Mathematics this may once grades have been posted at the college. I have taken some AutoCad courses and Visual Basics for the computer portion of my degree plan. If any one knows of some one or some where that would want to take a look at me. Feel free to PM me for my to hand off if you know of any openings Resume'. :bigear:

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