Meet another Teen David Hogg - Pro 2A

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Meet another Teen David Hogg - Pro 2A

Postby rtschl » Tue Apr 03, 2018 1:28 am

Meet another young man named David Hogg who has been harassed because he has the same name the one in Florida. This other young man is 16, a college student, and Pro 2A. His mother posted the following to Twitter. You do not have to have a Twitter account to view it - but please see what she says about her son and the brief video of him!

He then posted a few messages on his Twitter account - such a humble gracious young man who is putting himself through college and saving for a car:

Many are asking about a gofundme. I created this only because others said they would create one, with or without my approval. I created this with a $100 cap. It's reached it & I will give back by paying it forward. THANK YOU to everyone that gave!

If you click his GoFundMe link that he capped at $100.00 it will bring tears of joy to see such maturity and industrious fortitude in one so young.

I started to post this in the other thread, but this young man deserves better than to be associated with the hatemonger in Florida.
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