Mission Statement:

The mission of TexasCHLForum.com is to promote discussion of firearm related issues in an atmosphere that invites participation by as many people as possible. It is the Moderators' opinion that this goal can best be achieved by simply being courteous and civil to one another. This does not preclude disagreement on issues; rather it encourages thoughtful discussion. Absolutely no personal attacks will be tolerated.

Also, this is a "G" rated forum; please don't use any language (or substitutes like @#%$& or abbreviations). We want to encourage women (thus the Ladies Forum) and young people to educate themselves about lawful use of firearms, including the use of firearms in self-defense. That goal is furthered by avoiding language that many may find offensive.

Why TexasCHLForum Was Created - A History Lesson:
This board was launched because tx.guns had gotten to the point that honest discussions quickly turned into nothing more than personal attacks, often laced with profanity. When I posted a query as to whether there was any interest in the creation of a CHL forum, I was surprised at the number of emails I received. A common theme in those emails was the reluctance of many people to post questions, comments or opinions for fear that they would be attacked. So, I agreed to create Texas CHLforum and set about learning what was involved in setting up and running a bulletin board.

Since TexasCHLforum was launched in December, 2004, I've received several PMs and emails from TexasCHLforum Members expressing their gratitude for having a forum where they can post their opinions, comments and questions without being ridiculed. I too have posted my appreciation to you the members on more than one occasion. A forum or newsgroup doesn't go from a friendly and productive atmosphere to one of dissension and hostility over night, anymore than we lose or regain our Constitutional rights over night. Rather, they slowly decay amid growing insults and personal attacks. The only way I know to prevent the decline of TexasCHLforum is simply not to let the slide begin. Thankfully, you folks have done my job by not letting it happen.

I am very serious about getting more women and young people involved in TexasCHLforum. While I'd rather not read off-color language in posts, for the most part I'm not personally offended by language I see on other forums, so long as it's not part of a personal attack. However, many women are quickly turned off by foul language and will avoid what can be an excellent resource. (Also, parents will not refer their kids to a web site that allows or tolerates vulgar language.) The members represent a wealth of training, experience and expertise that can be invaluable to the ladies, but we have to make them feel welcome. Many of the members know me personally, most do not. Among those that know me, relatively few know why getting more women involved is more than a goal for me, it's a quest. So, if we guys have to refrain from using some of the more colorful language we'd use over beer and burgers, then so be it. It's for a good cause. (We can use the more descriptive language when we meet at the range and swap lies about our shooting prowess!)

I hope this helps to explain the goals for TexasCHLforum and why I believe we have to operate by a bit tighter standard.

Thanks for registering and welcome to TexasCHLForum,