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by kanders
Wed Nov 01, 2006 6:04 pm
Forum: Goals for 2007
Topic: What I would like to see
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Re: What I would like to see

KD5NRH wrote: 4. College campus (at least) carry, with state schools not allowed to post
5. Other weapons (ASP, PR-24, large pepper spray) allowed with CHL
6. BAC specified for "intoxicated" carry
7. 51% rule removed for those not intoxicated
8. Polling place prohibition removed
9. Clarify 9.04 (*)
10. Lawyer tag price reduced so the rest of us can hunt them
For 6. and 7., how about CHL holders, and ONLY CHL holders, allowed to carry in 51% businesses as long as they are not intoxicated (defined by the same criteria as DUI intoxication)?

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