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by Steve133
Tue Aug 28, 2012 10:53 am
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Topic: Gunsmith for night sights
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Re: Gunsmith for night sights

+1 on Ed Vanden Berg. Had him install a set of Heinie sights on my 1911 (which required milling on both the front and rear), and he does great work. Reasonably priced; turnaround in my case was pretty long, but I think that was due to medical issues that he was having at the time (hard to do precision work after a horse has stomped all over one of your hands).

One note - I don't know if he just dislikes telephones or what, but he'll probably be very brusque when you call to set up an appointment, almost to the point of being rude (at least that's what's happened every time I've talked to him, which is a decent number of occasions). Don't let that fool you. When you actually talk to him face to face, he's a super-nice guy. Also a great asset - he's forgotten more about 1911s than most of us will ever know, and is very willing to talk things over with you until you're sure what you want. He strikes a very good balance of listening to the customer and providing recommendations; he'll try to find solutions that will fit your needs and preferences without pushing excessively towards what would fit his. That's unfortunately kind of rare in his business.

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