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Wed Mar 02, 2016 9:50 am
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Topic: New California AWB passes into law.
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Re: New California AWB passes into law.

The Commies have veto proof majorities in both houses, so I have no doubt this will pass in due course. The legislature and bureaucracy have been seething for years over the bullet button, a loophole that we came up with maybe ten years ago.

The people there seem to prefer this irrational nonsense, and keep voting these socialists into office. Those who don't have to live with it.

Make note, all you who believe that term limits is a panacea to fix what ails us. Once those take hold, in cahoots with the public service unions, there is no stopping it until disaster is in extremis. "In extremis" is a term used in ship handling to describe when a collision is no longer avoidable, no combination of engines, rudders, distance, etc will avoid it. That's where they are now, IMnotalwayssoHO.

When I was ordered to San Diego as a brand new Navy officer 48 years ago, it was the greatest place on earth. Ronald Reagan was governor, the weather was sparkling, the roads were smooth and not terribly crowded, the beaches were breathtaking. Disneyland was there, and so were Annette Funicello, and Ricky Nelson. My old classmate Farrah Fawcett was making her way to Hollywood stardom.

Now, it's just another socialist hellhole with good weather.

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