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by JSThane
Sun Jul 19, 2015 2:43 am
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Topic: Taurus "The Judge"
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Re: Taurus "The Judge"

As a self-defense tool, load it with .45 Colt slugs. Shotgun powder burns at a different rate than pistol powder, and you will NOT get the advertised velocity, and thus power, out of a handgun-length barrel. Loading the shotshells with a faster-burning powder would probably work to alleviate this problem, but then some doofus is going to load these hot .410 shells into his 100-year-old SxS .410 and blow it up, so the ammo manufacturers won't do it. For self-defense, you might as well go with a more conventional pistol or revolver.

As a shotgun, just don't. Not only will it produce lower velocity and power than a conventional shotgun, but the aforementioned "donut" effect of rifling a shot cup will render it nigh-useless beyond close-and-personal range. I suppose using a .410 shotshell on a snake will work, but so will a .22 shotshell, and for far less recoil. For shotgunning, get a shotgun, not the Judge.

As a "just because" gun, "gimmick" gun, or just all around "I don't know why, but this things is cool" gun, if that's what trips your trigger, go for it. There ain't no law that says every gun you buy has to make sense, and the Judge certainly is a nonsense gun, but they can be fun nonetheless. For me, I have little to no use for the gun, but I certainly understand why some folks find it so fun, even if I don't share in it.

On a side-note, I'm anectotally-informed that some Judges at least can tolerate .44 Magnum being accidentally put through them. Story I heard involved someone running two or three cylinders of Buffalo Bore heavy .44 loads through a Judge, which took the punishment and shrugged it off. Accuracy suffered even more than normal, though. :biggrinjester: Be a bad idea to do this intentionally, but it made for a funny tale.

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