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by TX Rancher
Sat Jan 19, 2008 9:23 am
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Topic: Civil Liability
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Re: Civil Liability

txinvestigator wrote:
Charles L. Cotton wrote:This language was in SB378 as filed, but unfortunately it was amended to get the bill out of committee. This is what was substituted and is now part of the Civil Practices & Remedies Code.

Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code §83.001 wrote:CHAPTER 83. USE OF DEADLY FORCE IN DEFENSE OF PERSON

§ 83.001. CIVIL IMMUNITY. A defendant who uses force or
deadly force that is justified under Chapter 9, Penal Code, is
immune from civil liability for personal injury or death that
results from the defendant's use of force or deadly force, as
Can you please explain further. I hear people say that "if you are no billed you can't be sued" and on and on. As I understand it, you CAN be sued, and the court will determine if you were justified under the law. Is that correct?

I too am interested in your response to TI's question since I've heard it argued both ways...

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