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by gregthehand
Sun Jan 27, 2008 2:16 am
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Topic: bounty hunters?
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Re: bounty hunters?

txinvestigator wrote:
KD5NRH wrote:
txinvestigator wrote:(d) Commissioned security officers or personal protection officers shall carry only a firearm of the category with which they have been formally trained and of which training documentation is on file with the board. Firearm categories will be shown on the individual's registration card and will be:

(1) SA: any handgun, whether semi-automatic or not,

(2) NSA: handguns that are not semi-automatic,

(3) STG: any shotgun.
That's interesting; I know a few of the folks working at the nuclear plant nearby, and they're commissioned private security. I was under the impression that they are carrying rifles.
I would not doubt that they are. ;)

I've actually seen these guys as well. I'm not sure they are carrying under a TX security officer guidelines though but instead under DHS guidelines. I've seen them on the way in to lots of secure areas including power/energy facilities. Most all have a bunch of DHS policies so I'm sure this is one of them. Heck a lot of the major dams around TX have off duty cops working extra jobs and getting paid by DHS so nobody blows up the dam! ANYhow I've seen them but I'm fairly certaing they aren't operating under a TX license.

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