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by Choctaw
Sun Sep 08, 2013 5:09 pm
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Re: Holster Review Resource

I wanted to give my opinion and review of the Hardcore M-11 IWB holster.

I stumbled upon Brigade a couple years back. I looked at their site and was very impressed with the pictorial detailing the building process. I used to ride horses and I remember going to the saddle maker for new saddles, bridles, etc. and repairs but, in the last 20 years or so I’ve noticed how in most cases leather working is not of the same craftsmanship and quality.

I ended up ordering/buying countless leather holsters of the same design by most of the top makers, after wearing the other holsters it seemed I could never quite find the perfect fit or one with the quality I was used to. I never ordered a Hardcore I guess, because there was always another makers holster to try. About a month ago I found a new Brigade for sale on another forum, I bought it. After receiving the holster I was very impressed with the craftsmanship, finish and overall appearance of the holster.

This is where it gets real good, like I said I’ve worn many that are of the same design as the Hardcore…NONE have been as comfortable as the Hardcore. I’ve worn the Hardcore every evening and all day/night on the weekends for the last month. It has molded to my body and pistol like no other. In fact the other holsters that I’ve worn more, still aren’t as comfortable and fitted as is the Hardcore.

One thing about the Hardcore I didn’t care for are the rotating loops but, I did notice on their site they have an option for rotating or non-rotating loops. I called and asked to order a pair of non-rotating loops. I was told there was no need unless I just wanted to spend my money, they told me what to buy at the hardware store for less than a dollar to make them non-rotating and, I didn’t even order the holster from them directly. I did end up ordering a set in brown to match my belt though.

I want to be clear that I have no association with Brigade. The reason for giving this review/opinion is to bring awareness to them. I know they’ve been making holsters for a long time and it puzzles me as to why we don’t see very many discussions about their products.





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