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by Vol Texan
Thu Jul 25, 2019 7:21 pm
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Topic: Auto Cad
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Re: Auto Cad

My wife doesn't use AutoCad, but she does do 3D CAD design of jewelry in her shop here in Houston. It has really upped her game a lot - and her business is booming because of it.
I say this because there are more uses to CAD than just the ones mentioned above. It's a marketable skill that can (with a bit of practice) be applied across a number of industries.
3D printing is getting bigger and bigger these days. How are those models built? In 3D CAD software packages!

I'd say, "yes", if three classes can get you a cert, then it can't be bad for your resume. And, if you think a bit broader, you might find yourself in a whole new industry.

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