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by SRO1911
Tue Jan 01, 2019 5:22 pm
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Topic: Aliengear holsters.
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Re: Aliengear holsters.

When i went from leather to hybrid, i started with crossbreed. They had a good reputation so I ordered. Ive still got that first horsehide cb super tuck and still use it occasionally (full size 1911).
When I started carrying my XD45 tactical more, crossbreed had a 3 month + lead time. I am not particularly patient, so I went with Alien gear. It was both faster and cheaper than crossbreed and aside from one minor issue held up for years. That issue was a small crack in the shell near the site channel. I called Alien gear and had a new shell in hand in 2-3 days, great customer service.
When I decided to add a light to my pistol for edc I went straight back to alien gear and no surprise- they would not build the combo I wanted. Their light selection is rather weak and apparently surefire x300u isn't popular enough.
My most recent holster is from Osbourne Leather LLC - Texas based and so far the best bang for the buck in the hybrid holster game. They did not have the light combo i wanted, but took the order - bought the light- and got it shipped in half the time they quoted with no added charges. Unfortunately somewhere in the process there was an oops. Holster was for the full sized XD (4.25?4.5?) Not the tactical 5" - called on Thursday, got the right holster in a few days and was told to keep the other for spare parts if ever needed.

My next holster will start with Osborne since they best met my needs for the last one. If for whatever reason they can't do what I need at a price and schedule that suits me, I will try someone new.
There are countless hybrid maker's out there, and very little distinction between them - minor differences in fit and finish, the biggest choice point is customer service beginning with advertising ending with warranty service after the sale and including price, fulfillment time, fit, finish, material quality etc.

TL:DR dont get too caught up in one flavor, times..guns...situation...mood - all change. You will end up with an assortment.

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