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by txhighlander
Sat Sep 14, 2019 6:23 am
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Topic: I'm Ashamed.
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Re: I'm Ashamed.

I have been in the store once since they took this stance. It was to use their wire service to pay my gunsmith for the work he did on my Redhawk. My wife an I decided that we would attempt to spend no more money in this establishment. For me it was more the ammo thing, we will not sale anymore of certain types only after we sale what is in stock. It is my belief that they caved to the pressure and now are attempting to serve two causes. Am I naive enough to think my withholding my money will in anyway hurt Walmart? No not even, but it is a stand I can and will make. We are on a slippery slope and I can see a ban on certain rifles and mags in the near future. I hope it will die out but their momentum is very strong with the support of many people who do not understand the 2nd amendment. I have more than one friend who carry and will support a ban because my efforts to explain the 2nd amendment haven't sunk in and their belief is that no one needs to own a " assault rifle" . We are in the fight for our very freedom.

However if it is my only choice then it will be done, taking care of family is my responsibility and where I live I don't have many options. Follow your heart but your wife is still laughing at you as mine would be while shaking her head.

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