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by srothstein
Wed Nov 05, 2008 12:11 am
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Topic: Well what can we REALLY expect now under Obama?
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Re: Well what can we REALLY expect now under Obama?

I am also for a black president and a woman president., preferably both at the same time. But we could not convince Condi Rice to run.

As for what we can honestly expect from Obama, I think it will depend on the exact results of the house and senate races. If the Dem's get a super majority in each, we can see an aggressive push for the full left agenda. If either one is close, we can see a much smaller agenda being pushed. Remember that there are always some Dems who are truly conservatives. If they are enough, combined with the Reps who are conservative, they can block some of the extremes of the agenda.

On guns, I look to see an AWB ban filed again, and probably passed. I am not as sure it will pass as some, since the Dems know it will cost them the 2010 elections.

I see more of a push on financial matters. I expect the tax cuts to be repealed instead of allowed to expire. I see taxes generally going up for anyone who works, especially if they have a little extra saved up to invest (even 401K or IRA). I then see more of a push for socialized medicine than any other topic. Basically, I don't see guns as being a very high priority for the party, just for a few in it.

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