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by srothstein
Mon Feb 22, 2016 11:29 pm
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Topic: Joe Straus supporters list??
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Re: Joe Straus supporters list??

I have to point out that the NRA endorses candidates based on many factors. They take the previous voting record as a very high indicator of how the person will help them in the future. This is fair to me as I have always been taught that the best indicator of future performance is past performance.

It makes some sense to me to endorse based on the incumbent over the challenger, if the incumbent has a good voting record. Our political system is set up to favor the incumbents. That is simply a fact. And the past performance is usually a better indicator of future voting than the promises in a questionnaire. The NRA even points this out by reserving A+ ratings for incumbents and only giving an A as the highest possible rating in response to a questionnaire.

Finally, the NRA should only consider gun rights votes. Some may be procedural while some are direct, but it should only be gun rights votes they count. After all, the NRA is a single issue organization.

I always consider the NRA endorsements, but they are never my single point. I am not a single issue voter, though gun rights has become my primary decider. I could actually vote for someone who is dead set against gun rights IF every other position the candidate had matched my position and the opposition did not. I also recommend others not be a single issue voter. Consider the NRA endorsements, but also look at other positions.

As a final point, I always use gun rights as a tie-breaker (though ties rarely happen). A person who supports my owning guns is obviously not afraid to at least allow people with opposing views to exist and have their opinions.

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