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by srothstein
Wed Jul 10, 2019 9:51 pm
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Topic: Lawsuit argues AR-15 illegal
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Re: Lawsuit argues AR-15 illegal

This is one of our biggest threats, unforeseen consequences and lawsuits. By accepting the bumpstock ban without fighting it as hard as we can, we set up a potential argument that ARs are easily convertible to machine guns without machining. I can certainly see the argument, even if I disagree with it.

The lawsuit against Academy over the Sulphur Springs shooting has a major potential also. The basic argument is that the magazine is illegal in Colorado so the rifle was sold in violation of the law. The argument in our favor is that they could have sold him the rifle with a ten round magazine and then sold him all the accessory magazines they wanted at the same time. The legal question is if the magazine is an accessory or a part of the weapon. For Academy's sake, i want a ruling of it being an accessory. But for our sake, I want it as part of the weapon because otherwise all of us need to carry limited round magazines in other states because the agreement covers the weapon, not the accessories.

I am sure we have other cases like this that we need to be careful of. We must be careful and fully think through all of the potential ramifications of various laws and lawsuits. The unintended consequences may kill us in the long run.

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