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by Zombified
Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:11 pm
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Topic: First month - 2 month questions and thoughts
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Re: First month - 2 month questions and thoughts

I use a full kydex holster from a local vendor called Storm Holsters & Tactical Accessories. I've owned several and they have never changed shape. The owner claims he uses a thicker kydex than most manufacturers. I carry a HK VP9 Inside the waistband. I do not use a tuck-able holster and have no issues with these holsters jabbing me in the love handles. I carry at 3 o'clock. I have never really noticed any noticeable sweat forming around the holster. I am always surprised at how much lint collects inside my holster and on my firearm. For many years my routine was similar to yours. I would attach my holster to my belt and insert my firearm once everything was in place. I stopped this practice after twice finding my shirt stuck inside my holster with my firearm. I consider myself lucky I did not have a discharge.

I have also used bravo-concealment and had no issues with their holsters either.

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