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by rotor
Mon Jul 20, 2015 8:43 pm
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Topic: Taurus "The Judge"
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Re: Taurus "The Judge"

I bought a Governor at Cabelas and it is a very nice revolver. I am not a Taurus fan. The Governor can shoot 2 1/2 " 410, 45ACP in moon clips and 45 LC and is a well made revolver. I bought for carry on my property for general safety against whatever. The lesson to be learned though is that a 410 from a revolver without hearing protection may be worse than a snakebite and I am afraid to try the other ammo without hearing protection. I made that mistake once. On the other hand I can throw the gun at the snake and run. Who has time for hearing protection when you need your gun. The Judge I believe will take 3" 410 shells. I have never seen the Governor at Academy but always see the Taurus models. These are not conceal carry guns. The Governor goes in the Polaris when we go to the property.

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