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by rotor
Fri Nov 24, 2017 1:07 pm
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Topic: Remington faces default
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Re: Remington faces default

Bitter Clinger wrote:
strogg wrote:The lackluster 700 series, the declining quality of the 870, their lack of any decent semiauto shotguns... yeah, I'm not surprised either. In many markets, bottom line is typically key, but not in the firearms market. Quality and reliability is key.
I have a Remington 11-87, 2-1100's and a couple of Versamax semiautos. All have seen many cases of bird, buck and slug, without a single FTF. Often times it seems to me it is the Benellis that are far more finicky, not to mention pricey. I also had a 700 that was a great shooter, but I have found that I prefer gas guns. So I have not seen the quality and reliability issues you reference?
I have 2 VersaMax shotguns, both lost a middle bead shortly after firing, both beads were replaced by Remington and have been flawless otherwise. I think all gun manufacturers have had problems because HRC was NOT elected. I believe our political climate has slowed the panic of gun purchases.

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