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by rotor
Mon Apr 15, 2019 4:33 pm
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Topic: Question Re: Windows 10 System Image Backup
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Re: Question Re: Windows 10 System Image Backup

Charles L. Cotton wrote:
Mon Apr 15, 2019 2:42 pm

Here are my questions:
  • Does a System Image Backup fully restore your computer such that you don't have to load anything?
  • If so, can this be done with a new hard drive?
  • If a new laptop is purchased, can a System Image Backup from the older computer be used to "set up" your new computer? This assumes you are using the same version of Windows.
Thanks folks,
First, you need good software. I have used Easeus for this many times. Never had a failure.

Your questions.. System image backup restores everything but I have found that some software will still need you to re-enter passwords. I don't know why this is except that perhaps the software can tell that it is not in the same exact spot on the disk.

This is easily done on a new drive as long as the new drive is the same size or larger than the original.

Your last question is a possible but probable no due to different hardware and windows activation.

My routine has been to clone my c: drive every month onto a hard drive that I can just pop into the same spot in my computer. I also do regular backups to a usb hard drive. Easeus software does everything. I previously used Acronis and did not like it. Once upon a time I used Norton Ghost and it failed a recovery. Easeus never fails. They also have a free but limited version and for most people that's all you need. I suggest you download the free version which allows you to make a restore dvd as well and you can play with the program. They always have sales as well. I tell all my friends it's only a matter of time until you need this.

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