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by rotor
Thu Aug 08, 2019 9:34 pm
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Topic: Help identifying rattler!!
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Re: Help identifying rattler!!

At a rattlesnake show in Florida this guy is in a pen with a bunch of rattlers. He tells the audience to get ready to take a picture of the snake when it hits a balloon that he is about to throw. He throws the balloon and instantly it explodes and nobody has been fast enough to take a picture. Unbelievable at how fast they can strike.

Hope the poster is doing well.

My lawn guy killed a 3 footer about a month ago. I put it down in the garage to take a picture before putting it in the trash. My Boston Terrier just walks by that spot with no problem. My Corgi was afraid to go in the garage. Had to bleach the concrete before the Corgi would even go near the spot.

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