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by DanD
Mon Jan 16, 2017 10:40 pm
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Topic: Compilation of disqualifications in shooting sports
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Compilation of disqualifications in shooting sports

In over 3 years competing in IDPA I have only seen 2 DQ's. One DQ was for breaking the 180 rule on a stage that had you riding a bicycle angled to the left so doing a reload while facing forward on the bike would cause you to break 180. The second DQ happened on a stage where you were seated on the ground with your pistol covered by a towel next to you. The competitor removed the towel and when they started to pick up the pistol it fired with the round hitting the ground a few feet in front of them.

Here is a video I came across on YouTube that is a compilation of DQ's. One of the DQ's shows a guy trying to grab his pistol staged on a table and the gun spins around on him when he tries to grab it. I've shot a few stages that had your pistol staged on a similar table so note to self, make sure to look at what I'm grabbing so the pistol does not spin around.

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