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by Hack Job
Fri Feb 01, 2019 5:38 pm
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Topic: Air Travel Update
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Re: Air Travel Update

I flew round trip from DFW to Charlotte this week with AA. No issues locally, other than annoyed about the BSO tag on my checked bag. But the process was quick and I was not asked for my cell number.
On return from CLT it was more of a hassle. After checking my bag (and adding name & number to BSO tag) I was asked to wait 15 min just in case TSA had any questions. I then proceeded through security and to the gate. 45 min later I was called and asked to go to the baggage claim area with keys to the locks. Once there I asked if there was a problem. I was told by the TSA agent that they needed to inspect the firearms for gun powder residue and to make sure the cylinder is empty. I explained the firearms had been shot and there are even actual bullets still in the case - so of course there would be residue. I was met with a blank stare and then handed over the keys.
From the interaction it was clear the agents had no idea how to handle firearms or what they were even looking for. They also told me that there is no requirement to lock the bag or the case since they're being checked anyways and the area is secure.
I was asked for ID when picking up the bag in CLT, but no ID was needed back at DFW, anybody could have grabbed the bag.

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