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by paperchunker
Wed Aug 03, 2016 6:54 am
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Topic: TRUMP
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parabelum wrote:Hey, why don't you talk about Khan's association with Muslim Brotherhood, his law firm with intention on specifically abusing the EB5 visas bringing in more Muslims, a website that he took down once the word got out?
Or how about starting a "Hillary" thread? There's plenty to talk about there.

If you people want to lose this election and elect that witch, just keep it up. Trump is a loose cannon, yes. But he is perhaps this Nation's last chance before you truly start living under subversion, no 2A rights, press censorship (4'th column has already become the 5'th estate), and pretty soon a Sharia compliant judiciary.

It's a non-story, grow thick skin. It was not aimed nor intended as you took it. This constant Trump bashing is getting on my last nerv, and it's always eminating from the same DNC operatives flying under the guise of being pro-2A.

Moreover, what is your personal threshold? Your "this is it for me, the invaders and Islamic crusaders must be stopped from killing us at all costs, even if it means shutting your mouth for one week about Trump. Right ,wrong or indifferent, we can hash some things out after this election is over."...

For me the last straw was throat cutting of catholic priest in Normandy. They are coming. Many are here already and your posts are continually resembling the polite saboteur's intent. I'm not going to be polite about Trump bashing anymore.
I agree completely, I am sick and tired of fair weather Republicans like Paul Ryan, John McCain, and several on this board who fall for the media trap and trash Trump. They deserve what Hillary will bring, however my family and I do not.

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