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Tue Aug 06, 2013 3:25 pm
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Topic: Beach Reading
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Re: Beach Reading

How much time do you have?

Lets see Glen Cook has fantasy detective series Garret PI, Loved these for 20 years
The Carerra Series by Tom Kratman about war on a future plannet with amazing similarities to current events
Belisarius series by David Drake, basically a series with on of the most famous historical generals by one of the best military fiction writers with a bit of scifi thrown in.
Raj Whitehall Series by David Drake and S. M. Stirling Military scifi but primitive instead of more advanced.
Paladin of Shadows by John Ringo, now I love these books, it's a ex-seal who ends up with a private army doing all kinds of crazy stuff but the misogyny of the character is hard to stomach and could ruin the read for some.
The Black Company books are just classic fantasy about a mercenary company who signs on with the "evil" empire. Got to be one of my all-time favorite series
Joe Pickett novels by CJ Box, a game Warden who gets into strange situations
Honor Harrington Series is an epic space saga with an old fashion Naval feel. Hornblower meets StarWars
Iron Druid Chronicles by Hearn
The Lost Fleet by Campbell
Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey, I couldn't even do it justice but I thought the first book was stunning, and the rest pretty good also.

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