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by twomillenium
Thu Dec 15, 2016 7:34 am
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Re: 30.07 ?

thetexan wrote:
STOP already!

They are not infringing on our rights. The state of Texas says our right ends at the door of a owner who wishes to exercise HIS right to prohibit guns on his property. I have a right to mow my grass but my next door neighbor has the right to prohibit me from mowing HIS grass. He is not infringing on my right to mow my grass or to mow grass in general. Are we going to not be neighborly because he is "infringing" on our God given constitutional right to mow grass?

Our right to carry a handgun in this state is limited, lawfully, by statute and supported by SCOTUS. If one wants to exercise more of their rights and take their business elsewhere then they can have at it.

This is a compromise of equally entitled rights as is so many other things. If an owner posts and someone feels the owner is undeserving of patronage then he might just as logically keep someone out even without a gun because he doesn't want the business of someone who likes is HIS right.

I will go into a business and carry, lawfully, no matter what I perceive the owner's feelings about me are...if I choose...if it PLEASES me or serves MY purpose at the time...or is at or for MY convenience at the time. I don't change my actions because the owner indicates he doesn't like guns with a 30.07 sign. I will then carry concealed, lawfully and by statute.

What I do insist on is that the owner exercise his rights in any prohibition by abiding completely by the same statutes I have to live by.

And if he does so then God bless him. He has the right to exercise his right. Just as I do in the reverse...lawfully. None of this is about right infringement. This is all about personality conflicts or disagreements in philosophies.

:iagree: Excellently said! :tiphat:

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