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by twomillenium
Sun Dec 24, 2017 7:42 am
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Topic: The wait is over now where to stay...
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Re: The wait is over now where to stay...

Congrats guys. Yes, it is a nice facility, do they do the classes there or in Georgetown? When I did my original, we just used the facility for the proficiency at the range. I think there were 88 in my class.

Just wondering, Do they still give out the certifications at the end of class or do they mail them to you? How was the class overall? Was there anything new that they called to attention? Besides, keeping records for 6 years and the fact they do not seem to understand the relevance of proper 06 and/or 07 notification or verbal notification as being the only legal LTC notifications?

The first couple of months of the year seem to be best time for private classes. I guess it is those pesky New Years Resolutions! Did they mention when the CHL 16 were going to be updated? At the instructor renewal I was told that it would not be a priority, due to the small amount of changes in the laws.

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