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by NcongruNt
Mon Oct 15, 2007 5:42 pm
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Topic: Shooting "No. 1"...
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AEA wrote:Very nice. I too love the Hi Power, but I do not love the damage it does to your hand (Web between thumb and first finger) every time you shoot it!

I have see a few custom ones with a beavertail, but the price of those are too high for an off the shelf purchase. If Hi Power makers would offer a beavertail model with a combat hammer I bet they would sell a bunch more than they do now. I know of one more anyway.....ME!
From what I can tell, a commander hammer is all that's needed to eliminate hammer bite on these guns. I've got an Argentine FM90 Hi-Power, and have never had a problem with it:


I've heard from other Hi-Power shooters that a commander hammer is a good solution for hammer bite, and the only people I've heard complain had spur hammers.

I'd advise trying a commander hammer model out if you're able, and see how it shoots for you before discounting it.

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