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by Bladed
Wed Mar 02, 2016 3:49 am
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Topic: New California AWB passes into law.
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Re: New California AWB passes into law.

The Annoyed Man wrote:Apologize is this isn't the correct forum..... ... gun-bills/
The bills that passed this morning were:

AB 1663: will expand the assault weapons ban to include semi-automatic centerfire rifles capable of accepting detachable magazines, including ALL “Bullet Button” or mag-locked firearms, as well as many curio and relics like the M1 Carbine and other similar firearms.

AB 1664: will ban all semi-automatic rifles that are equipped with a bullet button or other mag-locking device.

AB 1674: will make it a crime to attempt to purchase more than one firearm of any type within a 30-day period and delete the private party transaction exemption to the 30-day prohibition.
If I still lived in Crapifornia, the first one outlaws all of my ARs, my SCAR, and my beautiful 1943 Inland M1 Carbine. the second one also outlaws all of them. The third would have made me a felon many times over.

I hate that state.
This is certainly unfortunate, but passing out of committee is not the same as passing "into law." According to the linked article, they're now headed to another committee, so there is still time for the great (but not as great as it used to be) state of California to stop them.

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