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by RPBrown
Tue Jun 04, 2019 8:28 am
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Topic: Irresponsible dog owner
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Re: Irresponsible dog owner

I am so sorry that you are having to go through this ordeal. It is sad that someone adopts a dog and then either through training or neglect, allow them to become aggressive toward others other than for protection purposes. That is the definition of irresponsible.
Couple of side notes here:
(1) we have a pit bull puppy now and have had several pit bulls over the years. All have been trained properly, i.e. do not attack anything or anyone unless they are protecting one of us or their property, and yes you can train any dog like this. None of our dogs have been aggressive towards any other animal (except squirrels in our yard) or another person unless that person was either somewhere they shouldn't be or they were confronting one of the family. Our puppy goes to the groom shop and plays with all of the dogs there, large and small. However, my wife was in the yard last week with him "helping" her do some planting. A man came to the gate and started acting as if he was selling something. My wifes spidey senses came alive as did our pups. When she told him she was not interested and he needed to move on, he started to open the gate to come in the yard with her. Now I am not sure if it was this 45 lb. pit puppy headed his way barking or the 9mm she had drawn on him but he backed out pretty quickly. 20 minutes later the next door neighbors 2 grand daughters come over to help her plant flowers and they had no problem walking through the gate.

(2) I have been in the A/C business for 45+ years and have gone in yards with all types and sizes of dogs. I have been bitten exactly twice. Both times in the backside when I was kneeling down and both tomes by a chihuahua. Now those dogs are vicious

Also, I always hear on the news they were bitten by pit bulls and then they show a picture and it a Lab, German Sheppard, and even once it was a Golden Retriever. Any dog and and will attack for self preservation if not trained.

Now, after saying all of that, if one of my family, myself or one of my animals was being attacked by a vicious dog, hog, cat or even squirrel, I would not hesitate to shoot the attacker.

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