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Fri Jan 04, 2019 11:07 am
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Re: Your thoughts

The F-4s could've been from anywhere. In the 70s, the mantra was "speed is life and the lower the better", to avoid the then anti-air defenses. So, we practiced flying low level navigation very fast, but only on approved pre-published routes. Originally called VFR trainging routes, in the 80s the FAA formalized them into VRs and IRs. There is a VR118 very near Mineral Wells, which is most likely from a legacy VFR route.

These routes had to be in remote areas, not to interfere with other air traffic or populated areas, and had to avoid turkey farms, wildlife areas, parks, etc. So, if you had a remote ranch, it would be likely that you could be on a VR route.

To avoid complacency and flying the same routes over and over, we would go on weekend cross-countries flights and fly different routes all over the country. Naturally we chose destinations at cities we wanted to visit on the weekends.

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