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by cb1000rider
Tue Jun 14, 2016 2:13 pm
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Topic: Mass Shooting at Orlando Nightclub
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Re: Mass Shooting at Orlando Nightclub

Jusme wrote: Did they just ask him if he was a terrorist, and since he said no they dropped it? I don't doubt at all that this was a coordinated attack, with him being the one to be martyred. I just can't believe, that as these investigations continue, how complicit people are and yet don't say anything. If I knew anyone was even contemplating something like this 911 would be lit up.
They asked him. He said that he was aligned with ISIS and Hezbollah. As those two groups are apparently incompatible, basically they assumed he was a wack-job and watched him for a while.

You can certainly fault the FBI retrospectively here. However, unless we all want to give up our gun rights without due process, I'm not sure what our government could have done other than guess a little better about another lone-wolf wack job. He didn't have any legitimate links to terrorist organizations beyond his own mouth.

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