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by G.A. Heath
Wed May 16, 2018 10:49 am
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Topic: Hospitals MUST post 3006/3007?
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Re: Hospitals MUST post 3006/3007?

The Annoyed Man wrote:I have no clue who this Holcomb guy is, but I would ask Mr Holcomb if he had personally spent as much time involved in the actual writing of the relevant CHL/LTC law as Charles has done, or if he was as personally involved (as in “lobbyist to politician” personally) in the legislative intent of those legislators who voted FOR it as Charles is. Then quote him what Charles has said.

There is simply nobody else in Texas, with the possible exception of Alice Tripp of the TSRA, who is as intimately familiar with the wording of CHL/LTC law, the legislative intent of its passage, or what it took to get it passed. Anyone else is claiming a level of academic authority that is simply not theirs to claim.
Holcomb is one of those who has their heart in the right place, but he had to sacrifice some knowledge to make room for the Venom he holds within it. His group (Texas Carry IIRC) is a smaller group and he wants to replace to TSRA as the states leading second amendment advocacy group because he feels they are too willing to compromise. Before anyone says I am making assumptions or blind accusations I can assure you that this is not the case. Unlike the leaders of other organizations he has learned a little bit about negotiating with legislators and that the all or nothing approach doesn't work. Overall he seems like a nice guy but my communication with him was limited.

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