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by JohnS-TX
Mon Sep 09, 2019 6:08 pm
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Topic: Walmart has fallen!
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Re: Walmart has fallen!

I planned a grocery shopping trip today to my local WalMart store (Conroe) – a store in which I’ve OC’ed countless times. However, this trip I was not CC/OC’ing. As I entered the store there were NO 06/07 signs visible.

I thought I’d ask the Greeter on my way out if she knew any details regarding the rumored change in their OC policy. You would think a Greeter should know these kinds of things since they would be the first person to encounter the person OC’ing. I politely asked her and all I got a blank look in reply. After hesitating a while she replied she didn’t know anything about a change of OC firearm policy.

I knew I was within 15 feet of the door where the store’s Security Personnel resided, so I politely asked her if I could chat with a Security person – surely they should know about the rumored change.

A Security person promptly came out. I politely asked the questions, has there been a change in the store’s OC policy and if so, what are the details?

She seemed a little surprised at my questions, but was quick to reply – there has been NO change in the store’s OC policy. Their policy has been and is they will observe a person entering the store OC’ing. If the OC person appears to be a threat or if they become a threat, the OC person will be asked to leave the store. It is at the store’s discretion whether they ask the OC person to leave or to allow the OC person to remain the in the store. She repeated this discretion policy 2 or 3 times.
I thanked her for her very detailed reply and exited the store.

For the time being, I’ll wait til some dust settles and things cool off and then reconsider OC’ing at WalMart.

I’m not sure how other WalMart stores are addressing the “new” OC policy. I can only report regarding the Conroe store.

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