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by sskimber
Sun Mar 18, 2018 4:23 pm
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Topic: for sale Dillon 550B and accessories (Houston)- SOLD
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for sale Dillon 550B and accessories (Houston)- SOLD

for sale Dillon 550 reloading set up

Including Dillon PN
Rl 550B 14261
Dillon aluminum bullet tray 22214
Cartridge case bin and bracket 11185
550/650 strong mount 22051
45 acp/gap caliber conversion
223 rem Caliber conversion
.44 mag/ special caliber conversion
40s&w / 10mm caliber conversion
550 salsafe powder rod
38/.357 caliber convesion
rl550 tool head (6X) 13909
550 spare parts kit (partial) 20048
old style 550 caliber conversion stands (3X)
Shell plate #5

$650 FTF just south of Houston

Old style Dillon 45ACP dies and powder measure also available for additional

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