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by Glockster
Fri May 20, 2016 6:44 am
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Topic: Trump Supreme Court List
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Re: Trump Supreme Court List

Charles L. Cotton wrote:I've been talking with people who do business with Trump and they all said he is a man of his word. They do huge deals with a handshake and Trump has never gone back on his word. I know this isn't what Cruz supporters, the media and various Trump-haters want to read.

Absolutely that. I know two people who are fairly close to him, one of whom is actually one of the "inside circle" rings (and I am very close to that person and we communicate regularly) and they each said the same thing about him being a man of his word and not going back on his word, and especially his belief in dealing by handshake. He is extremely well known for not making a major business deal until he has shared a meal with someone and can look them in the eye and decide whether or not he can trust them. My own personal view of him is that while I have cringed at times over the words that he has spoken, there are at times a real feel of brutal honesty there - like when you hear anyone speak their mind and on one hand you can't believe they actually said it, but on the other hand you find yourself nodding along. As someone who has both a Ph.D. in management and more than 30 years actually doing it, everything I know about him and how he gets the job done impresses me (and I've been using him as a case study for more than 10 years now). If my choice is between him or Clinton, hands down I will vote for Trump.

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