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by txpilot
Wed Mar 22, 2017 9:12 am
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Topic: Green/Red chamber
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Re: Green/Red chamber

As others have already noted, they way you decide to carry is a personal choice, so in the end, it's your decision. For me, I always have a round chambered, and if I happen to have my 1911, it's cocked and locked. I'll just leave this as more "food for thought" in making your final decision...

Let's say you get in a situation where you feel the need to draw your weapon to prepare for a potential threat that you see developing, but it hasn't reached the point where you feel the need to immediately discharge the weapon. Do you now present an "unloaded" firearm or do you go ahead and rack the slide so you are ready if the situation develops to that point? If you don't rack the slide until it develops further, at what point to you decide to do that - and will you still have time?

So now you have a round chambered because you racked the slide, and the situation resolves itself without the need to discharge. What is the next step? Do you drop the magazine, rack the slide to eject the chambered round, retrieve the round from wherever it landed, then put it back in the magazine, put the magazine back in the weapon and then re-holster? Seems like a lot of fumbling around with the weapon for me. I rather just have to re-holster without all of that and be ready for the next time it may be required.

Again, I'm just provide another scenario for you to consider when making your decision - at least you have decided to carry which is always a good thing.

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